"Two years ago, [Gates] took over the Pentagon at a difficult time. He restored accountability. He won the confidence of military commanders and the trust of our brave men and women in uniform as well as their families. He earned the respect of members of Congress on both sides of the aisle for his pragmatism and competence." - President Barack Obama, November 26, 2010

About Robert Gates

"The antigovernment-types perpetually cry less, less, less. The loudest liberals cry more, more, more. Someday there will be a political movement that is willing to make choices, that is willing to say “this but not that.” Someday. - David Brooks, New York Times, 10/12/2010

Secretary of Defense Bob Gates has spent his career in the service of his fellow citizens, subordinating the politics of the day to the higher goals of duty and country. He has advised eight different presidents in his career, his competency and character earning him the trust and admiration of some of history’s most powerful figures. Every time his country called him to a new and more challenging position, Gates answered, with a steadfast commitment to his nation, a pursuit of excellence in the midst of mediocrity, and a willingness to seek what is right instead of settling for what is easy. And in each new role, as he rose through the highest levels of government, he proved himself more than equal to the task at hand.

By now, Bob Gates could be living a life of relative comfort as an immensely popular president of his beloved Texas A&M or perhaps spending his days fishing and jogging in well-deserved retirement. But four years ago, his country asked him to take the reigns at a Pentagon that had been sullied by partisanship and incompetence. Dr. Gates answered the call once again, leaving behind his idyllic president’s mansion to take responsibility for shepherding our soldiers through their darkest hour in generations. Unsurprisingly, he is succeeding at this task and writing himself once again into the history books as one of his generation’s finest leaders. And although Gates now says he will soon take leave of public life for good, it is our belief that his country is in need of his services still.

Simply put, Bob Gates must run for president of the United States in the 2012 elections. He embodies those principles that guided our Founding Fathers – the principles of statesmanship, integrity, pragmatism, diplomacy, and selfless service to fellow man. He stands out from his peers in his steadfast commitment to state and country, his pursuit of excellence, and willingness to do what is right and not just what is easy. Granted, he seems to have neither the ego nor the inclination to throw his hat in that particular ring. But that is precisely why our next president must be him.

Few men alive today can boast of such a career in public service yet still enjoy the respect and admiration of lawmakers on both sides of the ideological divide. Few have spent so many years in Washington yet remain unsullied by its political muck. As President of the United States, we believe he will take a realistic approach to solving our nations problems with independence, integrity, and candor. His qualifications for the job speak for themselves, and his long record of unassuming excellence will be an example and inspiration to our next generation of leaders. Ultimately, we hope the values Gates embodies will enjoy resurgence in American politics, and sweeping in with Gates will be a flood of new leaders able to govern and ready to serve.

So now, you have a job to do. Join us in this movement. Join us in rejecting divisiveness and incompetency. Send a message to Washington that politics as usual won’t do any longer. Join us in drafting Bob Gates to his next post. We believe he will heed the call of a nation that he has already sacrificed so much for – indeed, your call is the only one he will heed. We hope this will be a referendum, issued by the people, demanding that our leaders give us something better than bitterness and selfishness, something more than empty, impassioned campaigns that promise something for nothing and capitalize on fear, resentment, ignorance, or polarization. Bob Gates – and the values he stands for and lives by - can lead us where we need to go and ensure America remains that shining city on a hill.

Let’s Draft Gates in 2012. As usual, he’s the man for the job.

Career Snapshot:
  • 27 year intelligence professional for the Central Intelligence Agency
  • Deputy Director of Central Intelligence
  • Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Adviser at the White House
  • Director of Central Intelligence
  • Interim Dean of the George Bush School of Government and Public Service
  • President of Texas A&M University
  • 22nd Secretary of Defense
  • National Security Medal
  • Presidential Citizens Medal
  • Two time National Intelligence Distinguished Service Medal
  • Three time Distinguished Intelligence Medal
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